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Career development, coaching, and community so you can excel at the business side of your career.

Get instant access to expert-led micro-courses for independent performers, composers, and educators.

Want to find steady work and earn a sustainable income doing what you love?

Are you looking to develop connections that will create more opportunities and open more doors?

Do you want to know the exact steps to market yourself or your group — even if you don’t have an agent or manager?

Your art is in your bones, and you want to make a living by following your passion.

Coro by iCadenza gives you the in-depth training you need to book more gigs, fill your teaching studio, grow your network — and everything else you need to manage your career with ease.

What to expect:

More artists than ever are managing their own careers. And while there is plenty of opportunity for success, many performers struggle to earn a sustainable income and manage their careers in a strategic way.

We want to change that.

Since 2009, iCadenza has been dedicated to helping performers through specialized coaching offers, our popular book, our Creative Careers Podcast, and in-depth blog posts.

With Coro, we’re taking career development to a whole new level giving you actionable content, personalized coaching, and an active community of your peers so that you can get your desired career results.

Bust the starving artist myth once and for all by taking strategic action, achieving your goals, and getting your art out into the world.

What you get:

Whether you’re just starting out or have been managing your career for years, you’ll find the strategies and support to help you succeed.

  • Micro-course library
  • Workbooks & handouts 


These training modules come directly from industry insiders who know what works in the real world.

We know you’re busy, so we make the lessons compact yet value-packed to help you get the most out of your time.

We help you stay on top of current trends — and on top of your goals. Topics cover everything from getting more gigs, expanding your network, and launching your own concert series, to goal setting, fundraising, and much more.


Career advice is meant to be put into action. That’s why you get a downloadable workbook with each video lesson so you can immediately apply what you’re learning to your own career.

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“With the skills I learned in Coro, I created marketing materials for a recital and masterclass, researched and contacted presenters, and booked a short tour on the west coast. Before Coro, I didn’t know how to make projects like this a reality. Now I have so many ideas and tools to implement!”

Lisa Neher, Mezzo-Soprano & Composer

“I’ve gained clarity and boosted my confidence! It’s not just about learning, but also receiving customized feedback relevant to the individual and that’s where the difference comes in with Coro.”

Kamica King, MT-BC; Music Therapist, Board Certified Singer, Songwriter; Founder & CEO King Creative Arts Expressions,

“Coro truly feels like a cooperative community. Coro’s targeted approach to tackling artistic struggles is helping me get on track for developing relationships and creative endeavors. It has been so helpful to see and meet like-minded musicians and creative people.”

Rachel Payne, Opera singer/Producer,,

“Coro helps you choose the direction of your career. Coro has helped me understand why my work is valuable and how to best communicate my value to current and potential clients. It also forced me to think through some tough questions to clarify what I want to pursue in the way of work, which makes the path to getting there easier.

There are so many paths for musicians to pursue, and realizing that I can’t do it all is really important for my career moving forward.”

Alli Gessner, Oboe and English Horn Teaching Artist

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Expert Contributors:

Rob Knopper - Percussionist, Metropolitan Opera; Founder,
Fabiana Claure Director - Career Development in Music, University of North Texas
Astrid Baumgardner - Lecturer & Head of Office of Career Strategies, School of Music, Yale University - President of Astrid Baumgardner Coaching + Training
Jonathan Kuuskoski - Chair, Department of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Director, EXCEL Lab
Nathan Cole - First Associate Concertmaster, LA Philharmonic
David Taylor - CEO and Founder, Yorkshire Young Sinfonia
Sarah Robinson - Author, Clubbing for Classical Musicians
Chrysanthe Tan - Violinist, Composer, Singer-songwriter