Idea to Impact

What would it feel like to take your career to the next level? If you’ve been working tirelessly to turn the corner in your career and start achieving, earning, and delivering more, Idea to Impact is for you.

“Dear “Successful” Musician,

From the outside, you have achieved the traditional definition of success. You got into an orchestra. You have a great teaching job. You’re making a living as a musician. But something’s missing.

You long to create a positive impact through the arts with the support of your dream collaborators and colleagues.

You yearn for a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work and a tirelessly excited energy when you tackle a new project—all with the financial stability you’re accustomed to.

But these seem to be just out of your reach.

As a committed educator, you spend most of your working hours helping your students and colleagues to achieve their dreams.

But what about your dream?

Deep down, you know if you keep pushing your own dreams to the side, you’ll regret it someday (maybe you already do).

You’re ready to make your passion projects a priority—but you don’t know where to find the time or energy.

You want nothing more than to feel like you are living a life of creativity, impact, and fulfillment, while also developing a healthy financial foundation that will support you and your family. You want to live a life that celebrates your creative voice so you can share it broadly.”

What is Idea to Impact by iCadenza?

A six-month program designed to help you launch a signature project in the arts, whether it be artistic, educational, entrepreneurial, or community-based, that is designed to be a career turning-point.

This career-catapulting program is designed to empower you with proven strategies and innovative techniques to help you design and launch a unique performance, educational, or entrepreneurial project that delivers big impact and sets you apart.

We will coach you through designing an amazing project that is totally unique to you and that takes you from competent professional to recognized and respected industry leader.

At iCadenza, we have nearly a decade of experience working in multiple facets of the performing arts industry, and a proven track record of helping clients achieve results they previous had never even imagined. That’s why performers, conductors, composers, educators, and arts leaders come to us when they need help getting big creative projects off the ground.

Idea to Impact opens up our signature method, previously reserved for our individual clients, to a select group of performers, educators, and arts leaders who are committed to leveling up in their careers within six months.

Idea to Impact walks you through every step of designing and launching a project that serves your professional and personal goals. Plus, you’ll have our full support throughout the process!

Are you ready to transform your career? Come take the Idea to Impact journey with us.

Idea to Impact: Launch Your Breakthrough Arts Venture

6 month program; Next Cohort Launch Date – January 2021

I’m ready to transform my career

“Doors are opening wide. My work with iCadenza has expanded my professional horizons in so many ways, in a very short period of time. I feel artistically supported and sustained by the spirit of innovation that is at the heart of the iCadenza mission, and liberated by my ability to lean on this team of consummate professionals who are also such warm and caring human beings.

I’ve never experienced this kind of support and collaboration before, and the results are immediately tangible. In my performing and recording work, doors are opening wide to welcome the projects we are creating, and I am boundlessly excited about the adventures to come. iCadenza gives me wings to fly.”

Lara Downes

“iCadenza transformed my teaching career. I wanted to get more students signed up for my online studio at ArtistWorks. My growth had plateaued, and I just didn't know how to get the word out. Not only do I have more students now, but I'm more selective about the teaching situations I accept. I feel as if there's a big sky above and it's up to me how to proceed! I now know that there are hundreds if not thousands who want and need my help.”

Nathan Cole
First Associate Concertmaster of the LA Philharmonic


What to expect from Idea to Impact by iCadenza?

Take the reigns of your career with…


If you could look into your future, what would you want to see? You will learn to create your own crystal ball by realizing the path that you truly want with greater specificity and clarity from the get-go.


That dream project isn’t just a dream–it’s going to become a reality during our six months together! Whether that means pressing go on an educational venture or non-profit, developing a new performance project that connects with your audience and sets your apart, or supercharging a project you already have in motion, you will experience growth in your professional activities and finances through the guidance, support, and accountability of Idea to Impact.


Your time is precious and you need to know exactly how to make the most of it! We will help you articulate your personal brand, communicate your vision, and negotiate partnerships on your terms.


Who is in your dream network? Learn to grow an army of evangelists who will promote on your behalf, an abundant resource upon which you can draw, and a safety net for you to fall back on when times get rough.


Many artistic projects lack a solid business plan – and we won’t let you get away with that! 🙂 Launch a project that works for your life and enables you to step into a new financial reality.


You want a lifestyle that supports your art, your family, and your health, but what does that mean? As musicians, we want to do great work and have an impact. However, we can only do this at the highest level if the work we do is valued – financially and otherwise. We want you to be paid well for the work you do, and we will teach you the pricing, fundraising, sales, and negotiations strategies that will get you there!


Often, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. We will guide you as you shift your internal voice to a place of positivity and support while helping you develop growth-driven patterns.


By realizing your dreams and setting goals based in this vision, that “more” you’re craving is within your reach; every step you take forward will be towards a fulfilling career. This can be scary! We will be with you every step of the way in taking the steps towards this new reality.



We will be training you on the “secret sauce” that has enabled our bootstrapped arts-industry companies to grow from a founding partnership of two to a team of 15: how to be a leader who transforms others through coaching and mentorship.

At iCadenza, we are in the business of developing people. That includes all of the artists we support, the arts leaders whose organizations we consult for, and the teams that work in our companies. Our approach to coaching and talent development has been considered unique and groundbreaking in our industry and we believe it is the secret to our success.

These methods will not only empower you to build meaningful collaborations and partnerships, they will help you become a more effective educator, leader, mentor, and advocate.

Find out if Idea to Impact is for you

In just six months…

iCadena’s team will equip you with the skills to launch your next Career Milestone Project. You’ve waited long enough.

To make that happen, we’ll teach you how to:

Embrace your Value

  • Hone in on your unique value proposition
  • Create the vision for your career
  • Design your success criteria
  • Develop the architecture of your project

Step into Action

  • Test your value proposition
  • Set goals and manage your time
  • Cultivate mindset management and self-coaching
  • Develop resilience and grit in the face of obstacles

Spread the Word

  • Message your project
  • Develop a promotional strategy
  • Produce content as a vehicle for connection
  • Build an audience for your project and unique value

Build Your Network

  • Cultivate a relationship strategy that moves projects forward
  • Build influence and impact
  • Overcome your networking fears

Enroll Others in Your Vision

  • Design your business development strategy
  • Develop pricing models and practice negotiation
  • Redesign your Money Mindset

Develop Leadership and Coaching

  • Embrace your full power to maximize your impact
  • Help others become their best selves
  • Develop coaching skills that serve you in any situation

With Idea to Impact, you get the whole package from training to the personalize support you need to bring your vision to reality!

When you join Idea to Impact, you receive…


Video modules that walk you through exactly how to identify and launch your passion project, taught by iCadenza’s founders and team of expert consultants

PDF workbooks with assignments and action steps designed to cultivate breakthrough ideas and results

Access to templates, email drafts, and other done-for-you tools that save you time and guide your growth!


An exclusive community of like-minded musicians tackling ambitious projects of their own, and supporting one another to get results!

Access to the iCadenza team to keep you on track and support you with your goals

A built-in network of colleagues and potential collaborators


Exclusive access to weekly Q&A sessions where you can address specific topics with the iCadenza team and learn from the experiences of your colleagues in the program


Two 1-on-1 coaching calls with our expert consultants and coaches to keep you accountable as you move through the curriculum and help address your specific concerns and obstacles

I’m ready to grow my career!

Want to know more?

What kind of musicians is this for? Is this just for musicians?

Idea to Impact: is suitable to ANYONE with experience in the performing arts who is looking to launch a signature project! iCadenza works with EVERYONE including classical, jazz, world, and indie musicians, as well as visual artists, dancers, actors, and directors. Whether you are a performer, creator, educator, or arts administrator, this program will give you the tools to create a career-changing milestone project.

I’m looking to start a creative project that isn’t about music performance. Is this the right fit?

ABSOLUTELY! Many of our clients (performing musicians and not) have worked with us to get book deals, launch non-profits and teaching businesses, and many other creative endeavors. You’ll learn the tools to launch ANY kind of creative initiative within the arts industry.

I’m really stretched financially as it is… Should I consider this program?

Only you can make responsible choices about your financial situation, but if you are ready to follow our guidance and take action, we will show you the pathway to making more money doing what you love. If this is an area that feels new and unfamiliar, email us at to find out more about if this might be right for you.

I am super busy already. How much of a time investment is this?

It already feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, huh? Don’t worry! This is true for everyone, even our most successful clients! We’ve found that we all make time for what is most important. By doing this program, we are inviting you to prioritize yourself and the projects that are most meaningful to you.

That said, our program is designed to be as efficient and to-the-point as possible. We recommend that you reserve at least 3-5 hours a week in order to take full advantage of what this program has to offer.

I’m really uncomfortable with the things you mentioned – audience building, networking, business development. I recognize that I’d be more successful if I did those things but I’m not sure it’s in my DNA. Is this program still for me?

If you are nervous about networking, self-promotion, and asking people for money… JOIN THE CLUB! 99% of our clients feel that way! We applaud you for your willingness to acknowledge this discomfort. As long as you come into the program with an open mind and a willingness to try out new behaviors, we promise that you will surprise yourself with your growth.

I live in [Insert ANY City Name], Is this program for me?

The performing arts industry is truly international. We work with musicians all over the world and have seen that the concepts we teach have an international application. We welcome you to join!

I have more questions. Can I contact you?

ABSOLUTELY! Email us at to find out more about our next cohort!

Join the Idea to Impact community to start transforming your career!

“I have always wanted to launch a small music series for children and young families. I had the fortune to find iCadenza and they guided me through each step. I was encouraged by the fact that there were small steps I could follow, and a clear structure was always welcome to me. All the advice I was given was very practical and I learned a few extremely helpful tools that can be applied to my own career.”

Mookie Lee-Menuhin
Pianist and Menuhin Duo

“iCadenza created a massively supportive, proactive, and positive surge in my professional life. iCadenza helped me recognize internal obstacles and take active steps towards overcoming them. Plus, the team has an amazing network of resources to offer artists at all stages of development. I would encourage anyone drawn to iCadenza's consulting program to open-heartedly ask themselves what they would like to achieve in partnership with this group, and feel confident that if they commit they will have every reason to succeed."

Heather Powell


It’s important to note that your results using this program may vary and are not guaranteed. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, marketing acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.